Oversea Companies

Oversea Companies

An oversea company is a body corporate which is constituted or incorporated outside Malta. Such a company is required by law to deliver to the Registrar for registration the following documentation, within one month of establishing a branch, or place of business in Malta:

  1. an authentic copy of the charter, statutes or memorandum and articles of the oversea company or other instrument constituting or defining the constitution of the oversea company, and, if the instrument is not written in the English or Maltese language, a translation thereof into either of such languages, certified to be a correct translation in such manner as may be prescribed;
  2. a list of the directors and company secretary, if any, or of the persons vested with the administration of the oversea company, or a list of the persons vested with the representation of the oversea company. Such lists shall include the following particulars:
    1. in the case of an individual, his name, his usual residential address, his nationality and his business occupation; and
    2. in the case of a body corporate, its registered or corporate name and registered or principal office;
  3. a return containing the following particulars:
    1. the name under which the branch or place of business is carrying on its activities where different from the name of the oversea company;
    2. the address of the branch or place of business established in Malta by the oversea company, and where more than one branch or place of business has been established, there shall be indicated the address of the principal branch or place of business;
    3. the activities to be carried out by the branch or place of business established in Malta;
    4. the names and addresses of one or more individuals resident in Malta authorised to represent the oversea company for the activities of the branch or place of business established in Malta; and
    5. the extent of the authority of any individual falling within subparagraph (iv), including whether that individual is authorised to act alone or jointly with others, and in the latter case, the name of any person with whom he is authorised to act;
  4. unless disclosed by the document specified in paragraph (a), a return containing (i) the information about the legal form of the oversea company; and (ii) the identity of the register in which the oversea company is registered and the number with which it is so registered.

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