Business Continuity Contingency by the Malta Business Registry (‘MBR’)

Business Continuity Contingency by the Malta Business Registry (‘MBR’)

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Following the closure of MBR’s offices due to Covid-19, it has announced that it will continue to provide its services through the following methods:

  • registration of documents through online services on its website;
  • ordering of certificates or documents through email [email protected] and returned by post;
  • payments of penalties and fees through bank transfer: (i) BOV account with IBAN: MT09VALL22013000000040025310447 or (ii) HSBC account with IBAN: MT91MMEB44026000000002173649001;
  • paper format documents may be left in an envelope and delivered in a dedicated letterbox at the entrance of MBR premises.  Processing of such documents will start after 5 days from delivery to minimise any health risks for its employees;
  • documents addressed to the ICTU are to be delivered in the dedicated letterbox clearly indicating that these relate to share transfers. The share transfer documents will be processed and the necessary documentation will be forwarded to the MBR; and
  • meetings will be held through teleconferencing only.

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